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October 13, 2018       1 CORINTHIANS 9th CHAPTER

(We utilize the four components of basic inductive Bible study: Observation, Interpretation, Correlation and Application).
1 Corinthians 8th chapter consists of 13 verses and it shares a common link with chapters 9-10, how as Christians we have rights but there are times we should relinquish our rights for others.

1st Corinthians 9th chapter has 27 verses and Paul develops a personal testimony as a disciple of Jesus Christ. In verses 1-14, he describes his rights; verses 15-23, his reasons; and verses 24-27, the discipline required to run the spiritual race. In chapter 9, the thematic flow follows from Chapter 8 how we relinquish our rights if it furthers the cause of Christ and Chapter 9 we observe how Paul gave up some of his rights for the furtherance of the gospel.

We observe Paul gave up marriage and money and he had the right to be married and he had the right to be compensated financially for his ministry. We observe Paul’s reinforcement and the passage closes with the discipline involved as a disciple of Jesus Christ to receive our reward as we invest in eternity.


Do you think the marital status can impede your spiritual growth?

Do you think that compensation for ministry is increasingly the motive for preaching?

What right have you given up for the cause of Christ?

Sovereign God, may we all realize that we should be living disciplined lives and that as we win souls to the body of Jesus Christ that our lives should not reflect mediocrity but dedication and sincere strivings. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray, Amen.



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