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November 10, 2018       1 CORINTHIANS 10th CHAPTER

(We utilize the four components of basic inductive Bible study: Observation, Interpretation, Correlation and Application).
1 Corinthians 10TH Chapter – 33 verses

We studied the outline as follows: Verses 1-13 Israel, a warning example; verses 14-22 flee from idolatry; verses 23-33 do all to the glory of God. We observed Paul ending the 9th chapter with warning about a misuse of God-given opportunities and the 10th chapter we observe the 5 alls that exemplify the five spiritual blessings the Israelites received, and the following verses we observe the downward spiral of Israel. Paul admonishes the Israelites to flee from idolatry and not to participate in heathen feasts but to have communion only at the Lord’s table. (Verse 24) The chapter closes with our focus on the 31st verse which the attendees will memorize as well as verse 13. The 13th verse encourages us as we cope with temptation and the 31st verse reemphasizes the importance of our motives in everything we do, the Lord must receive the glory.


Why is it that we as a people do not heed the warning examples given to us?

We must watch out for idolatry in our lives.

We discussed the importance of the Lord’s Supper.

Heavenly Father, we are cognizant of the warnings given in the Bible and we pray that we will model lives of encouragement to others. Strengthen us in our areas of weaknesses in the name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.



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