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May 12, 2018       1 CORINTHIANS 5th CHAPTER

(We utilize the four components of basic inductive Bible study: Observation, Interpretation, Correlation and Application).
1 Corinthians 5th chapter has 13 verses and it can be outlined 1-5 the nature of the problem; verses 6-8 the need for discipline; verses 9-13 the need for separation. The nature of the problem is immorality and definitively, in the first verse, we observe Paul stating that a person in the Church of Corinth had fornicated with his father’s wife. Paul had heard about this problem and he is sharing that it should not be ignored. Interpretation: Church discipline is needed. Correlation: Deuteronomy 22.22 (how it was condemned in the Old Testament) – Ephesians 5.10-13, Paul sates what is acceptable unto the Lord.

All of the Bible study attendees admitted that church discipline is needed but is not ever administered. We discussed how to approach the problem- by talking to the leader(s) of the church; some stated that this is generally ineffective. We did discuss ignoring the problem can impact the entire church (7th verse).
How do you apply this passage – 1 Corinthians 5th chapter?
How do you discover yourself and what truth do you embrace?
How do you react to known sexuality immorality in the Church?
Do you observe that Church discipline is administered?
Do you observe that the sins of believers do impact the Church?

The Bible study discussion ended with a great concern for the modeling of disciples in the Church and the need to help those who are outwardly faltering.

Sovereign God, we pray that our churches will begin to administer church discipline to halt the acceptance of sexual immorality and to promote sexual integrity.



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