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June 9, 2018       1 CORINTHIANS 6th CHAPTER

(We utilize the four components of basic inductive Bible study: Observation, Interpretation, Correlation and Application).
1st Corinthians 6th chapter has 20 verses and we studied it inductively verses 1-8; Christians and the civil law and verses 9-20; purity among believers. Chapter 6 gives a connecting link with chapter 5 in which the believers at Corinth should have judged the immorality in the church but did not, and in chapter 6 they should have been able to settle the issue in the church without taking it to a court of nonbelievers. We observe how Paul mocked how ridiculous it is to have nonbelievers judge an issue of the church that should be judged by believers. As we applied this passage to ourselves, we discussed what we would do If we were in a church that wanted to go to court. We agreed that through mediation, church discipline and prayer that the believers should be able to settle most situations.

We observed and discussed Paul’s exhortations concerning controlling the body and he named behaviors that are unacceptable unto the Lord as stated in verses 9 and 10. Paul told the Corinthian believers they used to be that way but now they were justified and sanctified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We discussed the importance of having the right mind set to control our bodies and how we should help those who have the behavioral problems mentioned in this passage. We shared that we cannot compromise the Word of God and we must boldly share with nonbelievers and believers, the importance of obedience to the Word of God.

We have heard numerous church issues that have been in the civil court system- what are your views?
With the onslaught of social media and the permissive attitudes of the millennials, purity is shunned and the necessity of marriage is ignored. Covetousness, effeminate choices and other negative behaviors are seemingly acceptable in the churches. What are your views?

Almighty God in the name of Jesus Christ we pray that we as your disciples will model behaviors that glorify thee and edify others. We pray Holy Spirit you will guide us in our mentoring to others and help us to share that the Word of God never change and our interpretation of the Word must not be self-justifiable but rightly divided. Help us Lord. Amen.



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