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The Humbly Submitted Ministries utilizes the basic inductive approach for Bible study, which has four components: Observation, Interpretation, Correlation and Application. Observation answers the questions: What does the passage say? Who is talking? What is the context that surrounds the passage? What are the key words? In Observation, we also look at the grammar and so much more. Observation requires time and practice for it is the foundation to rightly interpret the passage. The second component is Interpretation which answers the question - What does the passage say? It gives the key statement or key thought of your observation. Correlation, the third component directs you to another Scripture for clarification of your passage of study. This can be done through your cross referencing to the center of the study Bible as guided by the alphabet symbols within the passage; the last component is Application which answers the questions. How does this passage apply to me? What truth should I embrace? Then we respond in obedience resulting in transformed lives to the glory of God.

At each Bible study, we have an agenda, which includes opening and closing prayers for rightly dividing the Word, to include concerns of the Bible study attendees and families, our neighborhood and communities, and for our Nation and the World. Bible trivia is a part of the agenda to encourage memorization and we have a Bible challenge. At each Bible study we strive to apply the Word to our lives. The Humbly Submitted Ministries Bible Study is relaxed, genuine, compassionate and transforming as we study together to be better disciples to the glory of God.

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